I see you watching me when I change my clothes. You stand right outside my bedroom door and watch me when I’m slowly rolling my stockings down one by one. When I take my bra off and my tits pop out I see your eyes pop too. It kind of turns me on. But when I take my sweaty, sticky panties off your moan and I swear your cock gets hard. I throw my dirty lingerie in the hamper, put my robe on and go in to take my bath and soak my tension away.  You know I like to stay in the tub for at least an hour. That gives you plenty of time to go through my dirty clothes hamper and  try on my underwear.  Do you think I don’t know that about you? Do you think I don’t know that you are a panty boy? Well, tonight I’m going to play your game. I don’t plan to stay in my bubble bath as long as I usually do because I want to peek a boo at you too.  I turn my favorite music on to fool you so you think I’m still bathing. But I am standing in the hallway peeking through the key hole.  I see you, panty boy, you are pulling out my hot pink panties from the hamper and smelling the crotch. You like the way my pussy juice smells, don’t you. Did you lick the crotch too? Oooh…..kinky.  Now you’ve pulled out my matching lace hot pink bra. You’re holding it up to chest. Now you’re putting it on and modeling in front of the mirror. You obviously like the way you look. Now you are pulling out my black stocking. They are so sweaty and dirty. I wore them all day. But you like it don’t you. I see you sliding my silky stockings up your legs. Now for the panties. You saved the best for last. You put in one foot….then the other…..now you’re pulling them up over your hips. Oooh they do look good on you.  You are walking around and modeling my panties, bra, and stockings.  Oops. I slipped. Did you hear me? Oops you did. You open the door decked out in my lingerie. You look embarrassed. I don’t want you to feel ashamed so I say…..”Looks good on you, honey. Why don’t you try on those black strappies in my closet. You know the ones you’re aunt left here. Those should fit you fine and go with your outfit.  ” “Thanks mom”, you say with a smile. Watching you put those high heeled shoes on gave me joy because of the smile on your face. You don’t have to sneak any more.  I accept and love you the way you are.  And the next time I have a long sweaty day don’t be surprised if I ask you…….”WANNA WEAR MOMMY’S PANTIES?”

Written by GENIE 888 643-2055