Wanna Sniff Momma’s Panties?

I love to run and jog and stay in shape but when I do I always perspire so heavily. My thighs and crotch get drenched and I smell so funky down there. When I take off my sticky, sweaty panties and throw them into the clothes hamper I know for a fact that the sweaty funk will get stronger hidden in the pile of dirty clothes. I just want to know one thing. Do you Wanna Sniff Momma’s Panties?

I know you do. Do you know by now that Momma put those dirty underwear in the hamper knowing you couldn’t resist going for it? I was hiding in the hallway when I saw you tiptoe into my room. You reached deep into the hamper and pulled out those sweaty sticky panties I had on two days ago. I jogged five miles in those panties and my salty sweat is saturated all the way through the fabric.

I saw the look on your face when you discovered them. It was like you discovered gold. Your eyes were wide with excitement.  You lifted them to your face and buried your nose in my dirty sweaty panties and breathed in deep.  You loved it. So you loved smelling momma’s funk. I swore I saw you licking the crotch. Then your cock started getting hard. Why you little freak. Does that turn you on? You are a sick little fuck who needs to be taught a lesson. I oughta take out my hairbrush and beat your little ass.

Oh but wait. I think I like secretly watching you.

I can’t believe it. You are putting my nasty funky panties on. OMG!!! What? Do you think you’re a girl? Now you’re laying down and stroking your cock through the panties. Why you little freak. Momma’s sticky crotched panties turn you on? Now you’re smelling and licking your fingers that have stroked your cock in those dirty panties. That’s alright. Momma’s a freak too. Just turn over on your stomach and prop that butt up in the air. Pull those panties down so I can get to that tight little star of yours. Momma’s got on her strap-on. I want you to know just how big of a freak I really am.

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