Some of you know I have a very special relationship with my brother. He’s my hero, my biggest fan, and oh yes… one of the best fucking lovers I have EVER had! Incest really IS best! Don’t tell HIM this, but… I have a crush! Usually this is bad news, because he hates every  guy that I go out with. That could be a HUGE complication this time around, considering that the new guy I wanna fuck is his HOT best friend,  David!

I set my seduction into motion when I learned that Dave was going to be staying with us for a while… My brother’s room is more like an apartment. We’ve had SO many good times in that basement, with the door to upstairs locked tight while Mom and Dad hammer on it! I knew that he was already gone. Meanwhile, Dave was sleeping downstairs. I had to fuck him!

I creeped down to the basement, making sure to lock the door behind me, eyes adjusting until I could see Dave’s outline sprawled out on the bed. VERY gently, I pulled the sheet off of him, eyes running over that LARGE bulge in his boxers. I climbed into bed carefully, and spooned  against his back- my soft warm body naked against him. My mouth pressed gently against his shoulder and I worked my way slowly up his neck, barely kissing. He moaned and stirred, probably thinking he was in the middle of a really HOT dream. He rolled onto his back, and I immediately straddled him. I sat atop him for a moment, watching him. When his eyes opened, the first thing he saw was beautiful ‘lil Zoey straddling him- looking down at him seductively, licking those plump, full lips. I could feel him stop breathing for a second, then a low, throaty whisper.. “Oh. My God.” My tiny tits rested against his as I gave him a taste of those luscious lips… I could feel his cock straining against his boxers now as I sat on him, and smiled with satisfaction. Zoey 1, Dave 0! I almost felt sorry for him. ALMOST. I looked up, right into his eyes and whispered softly, “I want you to fuck me hard, Dave”. 

Just then I heard a HUGE crash behind us, and looked over my shoulder to see my BROTHER… standing there, mouth open, the latte and breakfast he had bought for his sexy, little sis in a mess on the floor.


Did my possessive big brother kick Dave’s ass? MAYBE he joined us instead! Dial it and find out! =)

Your dirty little fuck slut,



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