Wake and bake with Gwen and The Queen, what better way to start your day?

I love smoking weed with my girl Gwen. Some of my favorite calls have been two girl smoke sessions with her. I love them so much that we are running a special for all you stoner guys out there, but first I wanna get your cock throbbing with this little 420 fantasy of mine! This sexy fantasy revolves around a steamy wake and bake, first thing in the morning after a long night of fucking. You, me and Gwen had a wild threesome, taking bong rips and fucking like animals until we all passed out.

How hot is that? A sexy stoner babe on each arm, naked and satisfied.

Needless to say, you would sleep like a rock after a night like that… but Gwen and I are trouble together. We would be wide awake in the morning ready to have some more fun. While you seep, Gwen would slip under the covers to give you some morning head while I roll up and spark a joint. Wakey wakey! Time to bakey!

Slowly opening your eyes to find me next to you, I would hold out the joint to offer you the first hit. You gladly accept and take a long drag. I take another puff for myself and then lean in to exhale into your mouth. All the while, Gwen is licking and sucking your cock under the sheets.

Gwen loves to smoke a joint, so we switch places. I want you to cum in my mouth while she shoves her tongue down your throat and rubs your chest in between puff breaks.

Mmmm.. what would happen next?! I guess you’ll just have to call Gwen and I to find out. Help me finish this story and give us a ring for a two girl smoke sesh.

Teen Phone Sex!