Voyeurism Fetish – Are you watching

Are you the peeper that’s been watching through my bedroom window? I didn’t get a good look at him but I felt his eyes on me. I came home from yoga and went to my room to undress.  Then I pulled my white t-shirt over my head and tossed it on to the floor. Slidding my yoga pants down and then I stepped out of them. Walking around my house  in my pink bra and panties cooling off, I feel like I’m being watched but I don’t see anyone. I know a few people with a voyeurism fetish but are they brave enough to peep on me without my consent? I jump into the shower and the water feels so good. The water spraying my tits starts to make my nipples tingle and I get turned on.

Sure hope my peeper loved watching me step out of shower and see the water dripping down my back, my ass and my legs. I grabbed a towel wrapped it around me. When I got back to my room I dropped the towel to my feet. I lay on my comfy bed but I can’t fight my urges, I’m so horny. Your voyeurism fetish has you watching my every move and your eyes haven’t missed a single detail. I open my night stand and pull out my dildo. Laying on my back while spreading my legs I push the dildo inside me. Your watching through the bedroom window as pleasure myself. That dildo pushing inside me but I’m not playing alone am I? Your masturbating while I’m masturbating. Your cock is rock hard and now the tease of watching me walk around naked has finally paid off.

Lets explore your voyeurism fetish with a little role play of our own. Here’s a few ideas on how we can kick off your fetish. Your the voyeur in all black hiding in the shadows outside my bedroom window. I could be the girl next door and one night while in your room you finally catch me undressing. Maybe your the naughty brother and you’ve been peeping in on your sister in the shower. The role plays are limitless. Lets keep it dirty and fun for us both. If your looking for some hot adult phone chat call your phone sex kingdom sex kitten.

My first time masturbating!

Voyeurism fetish