Voyeurism-My Peeping Tom gets to watch me fuck

Voyeurism- my neighbor watches me. He is such a perv. I can see him in the shadows of his apartment window. At first, I wasn’t sure that he was deliberately watching me.  I sensed something- so I would look out my window but I wasn’t sure if anyone was there. I would see movement near his curtains- but I couldn’t make out who was there.

Finally, I caught him. I was Laying on my couch, masturbating. I had come home from school and I needed to release some stress I took my pants off, grabbed my vibrator and laid down on my couch. As I started touching and exploring my body, I sensed someone was watching. I decided to just keep playing with myself. I was getting wet… so close to cumming when I took a quick look out my window. There he was, gazing out at me with his face pressed against the window. I smiled at him as I continued pumping my wet pussy with my vibrator. I opened my pussy wider so he could see it. So I was getting off on the fact that I had an audience.

I hoped he came as hard as I did!

Today I gave him a special treat. My soccer-playing fuck buddy came over for a quicky after his game. I opened my curtains wide open, and I peered to see if my Peeping Tom was around. I didn’t see him but as soon as my man started to rip off my clothes, I sensed his presence. My guy wanted to carry me into the bedroom but I told him today we will fuck on the couch in front of the window. Boys are easy- and my guy said fine. He put his hard long dick deep into me and pounded me hard.

I glanced at the window while he was cumming in my mouth. My Peeping Tom looked like he was in heaven watching our sweaty bods fuck. I think I came harder knowing how happy I made him. I love Voyeurism.