Virtual Sex Tape Made Custom After Catching My Bro Jerking It!

Virtual sex is something that is fun whenever you are by yourself. Put on the goggles after putting on a  hot POV porn and imagine blowing your load all over the hot ass of any porn babe you choose. I caught my brother in his room with a pair of these goggles jerking off one time. Now, I am not the kind of girl to get turned off by seeing her brothers dick. In fact, quiet the opposite. I watched as with every stroke he grew to an intense climax that I was jealous of. I have to see what virtual reality porn was stealing my brother’s horny affections.

Virtual Sex Tape Made Custom After Catching My Bro Jerking It!

So, I simply waited for my brother to finish wacking his wiggle stick and snuck in to put them on my face. However, I was instantly stunned when it wasn’t a porn star. In fact, it was not a porn video at all. Instead, it was a video my brother had shot of my dancing and flirting around in my bikini last summer. Obviously turned on by my brother’s naughty secret I had to make him a little video if my own. I took his phone to my room while he was in the shower and be sure to slip it back before he was out.

Damn it feels good to be bad.

I ran into the closet and waited. My brother liked to make full days of his masturbation sessions. He sat his clean naked ass back down in his chair after locking his door. Of course, he was unaware he was only locking me inside. He put back on the goggles and I could barely contain my excitement. Instantly his breathing was shallow and fast as he stroked it to the video I made for him. A POV of me riding what would be him. I encourage him to cum for his slut sister, just as she always wished he had. Damn it feels good to be bad.

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