Virtual Sex: Next Level Can’t Wait!!

Virtual sex is coming in the future. I mean at least I really hope it is.. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE a good ole phone sex chat but think about virtual sex. Maybe skyping me and seeing me come through your computer screen and grabbing your rock-hard cock. Seeing my pretty little virtual mouth on my knees for you. Doesn’t that sound fucking amazing? It’s such a tease being on the phone and not really getting to taste you. I want you to shoot your load in my mouth from skype so I can really taste you on my side.

Feel how tight my pussy really is

When virtual sex comes I hope it also has some really realistic features. Let my pussy grab your cock and pull it in. You know you want to feel my pussy get wet with every stroke and pump.

Now I can milk your cock through Facetime. There are going to be so many different possibilities. Of course, I’d always need some phonesex, who doesn’t love to use their imagination? Virtual sex will have your cock instantly throbbing. However, getting on the phone at the same time and being told how to jerk off, is truly the best experience!

Wait until your wife leaves

Wait until your wife leaves to fuck this red-haired cutie. I want to go all out and scream and moan in your ear as you deserve. Feel the chills my whispers give you. My virtual pussy will get your wife’s side of the bed soaking wet (oops). My body will be so flexible and ready to be put in any position. I’m ready to be bent over and pounded virtually. You won’t be able to forget our skype call, ever.

If my virtual pussy is anything like my real pussy… get ready to be addicted ;).

Thanks for reading, can’t wait to play.If you’d like to hear more about virtual sex click here

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke