She was nervous about losing her virginity.

Her virginity was something that she had prided herself on holding on to. She knew that the day would come when she would finally take that plunge but she didn’t expect it to come so soon. It was the night of her senior prom. The dance had ended and they were supposed to go to the after prom party but her boyfriend surprised her with a hotel room.

She sat on the bed, her body trembling as he moved in for a kiss. Their kiss deepened as he moved his weight onto her making her lie back on the bed. The rose petals and candles made for a romantic setting but she was still nervous. She thought she was ready to lose her virginity but her fears were starting to get the best of her. It’s not like she wasn’t turned on, they had fooled around before, just never went all the way.

He slid the straps of her dress down her shoulders and had her stand up so it slid down her body to the floor.

He took his time with her, he always did. Her choice to finally give up her virginity that night made him really excited, he’d been waiting as patiently as he possibly could. His fingers gently teased her skin, down her arms to her fingers as he hooked his in hers and pulled her onto him. The kissing started again but now it was even more heated. Their hands roaming all over each other, they couldn’t seem to get close enough. He felt her pussy and found it soaked. Now was the time. He lay down on his back and pulled her on top. This way she could control the movements and prepare herself for what was to come.

Straddling his hips she reached between them and positioned his cock straight up. Her pussy slowly lowered down taking just the head of his cock into her. She was told by her friends that it would be easier to just put it in fast and get the pain over with but she was too scared for that. So little by little, she pushed him in. When she felt her pussy resisting she knew she had reached the barrier of her innocence.

Her virginity was lost as she pushed down hard and felt herself tearing inside.

She gave out a little yelp of pain as her virginity became a thing of the past. Once that seal was broken she slid down all the way to lay herself on his chest letting her pussy adjust to the size of him at a depth she had never had him at. No matter how hard she tried to prevent them, her tears slid from her eyes onto his chest. She wasn’t sure if she was crying because of the pain or more because she had given up her virginity that she had tried for so long to hold on to.

He let her do the work until she was comfortable enough to let him take over. It didn’t take long for his teenage cock to explode. They knew they didn’t have long, her parents were expecting her home before midnight. They dressed quickly and got all of their stuff together to leave the hotel. As they walked out the door she looked back to the bed. Seeing the small red stain on the sheets she said goodbye to her virginity. Her innocence was now left behind in that hotel bed as she slowly closed the door behind her.

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