My virginity still intact, I begin my sophomore year of high school as a success.

Somehow, I had been able to resist the urge of most teenagers to “go all the way.”  In retrospect, I don’t think it was so much my choice but more a lack of appetizing options.  From what I had heard, high school boys had no idea what they were doing and, since I didn’t either, the presence of my virginity (and the need to lose it) wasn’t a priority.

It definitely wasn’t on my mind as my family (along with friends of ours from Lucas, Kansas) headed to Copper Mountain, Colorado for a post-Christmas vacation.  I see you for the first time in the parking garage of the condos.  You are about 6’, blonde, and gorgeous, and you’re walking towards us.  When you reach our group, you extended your hand to my Dad and introduce yourself as Greg, the manager of the property.  You then turn to me and smile.  Your piercing blue eyes having rendered me speechless, I smile back.

Still thinking of you, I spend the majority of the next day on the bunny slopes and literally on my back.  Physically exhausted, I announce to my parents I was going back to the condo to get in the hot tub.  I don’t divulge I’m hoping to see you again.  Shortly after sliding into the hot tub, you’re there. You invite me over to your place later that night.  Uncertain (and uncaring) of how my parents will react, I accept.  They surprise me when they return and I tell them where I’m going.  The last thing my Mom says as I’m walking out the door was to be home in time to watch Oliver Twist with the family.  I had an hour.

You open your door and, after inviting me in, kiss my cheek.

You must sense my nervousness and ask me if I’d like a drink.  I tell you yes and follow you towards your kitchen.  You invite me to sit down on a bar stool.  I watch as you fix us both whiskeys on the rocks.  Although I dislike whiskey, I don’t hesitate and swallow it quickly. My eyes watering, you fix me a second drink.  After handing it to me, you take my hand and lead me to your couch.  As the warmth from the amber liquid spreads quickly, you show me some of the gifts you received for Christmas.  I finish the second drink and ask to use your bathroom.

A little wobbly on my feet, I emerge and you are there.

Instead of going back to the couch, you say “Come with me.  There’s something I want to show you in my bedroom,” and I begin shaking.  You take my hand and, after leading me inside your dark room, you bend over and slide your tongue into my mouth.  You aren’t concerned when I tell you I have to be home in 30 minutes.  Instead, I feel your hands first on my shoulders and, moving down, on my breasts.  You begin unbuttoning my blouse from the top.  After reaching the last button of my shirt, you then unbutton and unzip my pants.  You slide my blouse off my shoulders and push my pants down until both are in a pile on the floor.  I stand before you in my bra and panties.

You sit down on the edge of the bed and begin kissing the middle of my stomach, moving up between my breasts.  You reach around and, after unhooking my bra, I feel your lips move from one nipple to the other, licking, flicking, and sucking them.  It feels so good I become mindless and don’t feel your hands pushing down my panties.  I’m still not thinking of my virginity and have no idea I’m about to lose it to you.

Phone Sex Kingdom!