Mmm, He Didn’t Tell Me He Was A Virgin

I could tell he was nervous but never thought he could be a virgin. His breathing became heavy as he watched me strip, swaying my hips seductively over his as he sat at the edge of the bed. I revealed my perky, rounded breasts and watched him stare at them in awe.

“You haven’t done this before, have you?” I asked softly.

“No,” he responded after a few moments of hesitation, “No, I’m still a virgin.”

That didn’t matter to me, though. It was… cute, in a way. I perched myself on his lap and guided his hands as they hovered over my body. Already, his palms were beginning to sweat, but I kissed him lightly on the lips to reassure him.

I could feel his cock begin to grow erect through the material of his trousers.

I bit my lip as I slid my hand into his cotton boxer shorts. He squirmed at my touch and tilted his head backward. I ran the girth of his cock through my lightly clenched fist. He was fairly shy in terms of controlling the flow of our sexual activity, but that didn’t matter to me. I loved taking charge sometimes, so in a way, it worked to my benefit.

After ripping open the foil packet of a condom and wrapping the latex sheath around his shaft, he began slowly relieve himself of his trousers, kicking them away from his legs and onto the floor before he repositioned himself in the centre of the bed, allowing me to slide his member against my clit as we begun to grind lightly. I let out a seductive moan of pleasure as I leaned forwards and pecked his lips, allowing my sweet cherry lip gloss to glide onto his tongue as we made out.

Seeing that he was under my sexual power, I positioned myself above his dick, sliding it into my waiting pussy with my hands.

Knowing that he was a virgin, I took it slow and easy as I lapped my hips back and forth, allowing him to stroke my insides as I purred lightly. Eventually, he gained enough confidence to let his hands slide to my waist and guide my hips as I rode him, and despite him not being experienced in the sexual realm, his cock was plenty big enough to provide me with the pleasure that I craved as I controlled my body, eventually allowing it to slide deeper into my dripping crevice as we both writhed in pleasure.

His fingers began to dig into my hips. I could feel his body become tense. This could only mean one thing, he was about to shoot his load. I arched my back and rubbed my clit with both my index and middle fingers as I sped up the process of my own orgasm, turned on by the fact that I had helped him reach his climax, and before long, I had collapsed on top of him, breathless from the power of my own orgasm.

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