I love VIRGIN COCK. Nothing like a nice innocent guy to take full advantage of… I know, I know- I’m a nasty little slut. I really cannot help myself. I have always been this naughty since I can remember! I knew my neighbor had never touched a chick before so I decided to pay him a visit and see if I could take care of his problem!

I brought over some cookies to see what it would take to get this dude into bed. When he answered with his boxers on, I knew it wouldn’t take much to get him where I wanted. I showed him the cookies but he was too busy staring at my tight little body that he didn’t even notice. I asked him if I could come in. He reached for his pants and was starting to put them on and I immediately stopped him.

“You look good like that, keep them off.”

He then showed me to his room. I looked over at his computer to see that he had been watching some porn. I sat in the computer chair and started watching some of the videos he had up. He appeared very nervous as a I chuckled at them.

“So you like little blonde girls eh? So you like, me?”

He nodded and sat down on his bed trying to hide his hard rod. I approached him, tore off his boxers and started sucking his dick. It took a few moments for it to register that he was inside my mouth hitting the back of my throat. Yes virgin, you’re getting deep throated.

I then pushed my panties to the side and mounted his cock. He uttered he wouldn’t last long and I pushed my little pink slit down onto his dick. I have never had a cock be that rock hard for me before! I started slowly riding him up and down, milking his cock. I could feel his big balls slapping my asshole as it pumped up into me. I then picked up speed and leaned back to give him a nice view of his cock going into my hole. He let out a huge gasp and then his virgin cock filled my pussy with cum. Mmmm… watch it leak out! You are no longer a virgin! You will always remember your neighbor Blake!

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