The Virgin Bride and Her Sweet Ass

My grandmother taught me how to sew. Growing up in a small town, being widely skilled was a good thing. Jobs were hard to find. I lucked out and found a job as a seamstress. The money was great and I got to put my hand’s all over beautiful women all day. The thing I loved doing most was fixing wedding dresses. Making women’s dreams come true. The look on their faces when they had the perfect dress was almost the same look a women gets when she has just been fucked stupid. That big smile of just complete virgin bliss.

One day a young beautiful young girl came in. She looked barley legal. Maybe eighteen or nineteen. Freshly groomed and very conservative. She brought in her wedding dress for me to modify. She wanted it to cover more skin. Now, that dress already covered so much of her body I was not even sure where I could add in any more material. But none the less I did my job and fixed it. I saw that goofy just been fucked look in her eyes when she tried it on. She was actually so happy about the job I did she invited me to her wedding.

I gladly accepted the invitation. Wedding’s are full of horny, single guys who are just dying to put their cock into anything that moves. The only down side was that there was a strict ‘no liquor’ rule. But did that stop me, HA, never! I made sure to take a large purse that day. With little to no effort I was able to flirt my way into the wedding without the guy at the door checking my purse. I was able to sneak in a large bottle of tequila. Tequila make’s me so horny, and I always cum the best when I have been drinking it.

The wedding was lovely. Very religious but lovely none the less. I gave a few winks at the grooms men, and brides maids. I was looking to get laid. I was dressed to kill. I got so many look’s from the bride and grooms family. My tits were pretty much falling out of the top of my dress. But I could of cared less. The funny thing is that the most conservative people are the real freaks in the bedroom. I was about to find out how true that actually really was.

I walked into the reception hall with my ‘virgin’ margarita. I was already feeling a bit buzzed and so horny my panties were about to burst. One of the brides maids approached me and told me that the bride needed my assistance. She led me to her hotel room. The reception was being held in a beautiful Hotel ballroom. So naturally the brides family got her a hotel room for her to freshen up in. I walked into the room and I have no idea how she even did this but the brides dress was pretty much ripped all in the back. Her ass was fully exposed. Damn, did she have a nice ass.

The bridesmaid went back to the reception hall to stall the guests while I figured out a way to fix her dress. Like I said, I was drunk and very horny. So instead of just fixing her dress I did something a little more. I took my tiny sewing kit out of my purse and got right up to her ass. I began to caress it as I pretended to sew up her dress. I then ran my hand up her leg, and started to play with her clit. I was drunk and feeling very brave. She whispered to me in a sweet innocent voice, “I am still a virgin, please stop.”

I wish you could of seen the juice dripping from my panties when she said that. I did not stop. I pleasured her even more. She eventually let me sick my fingers into her wet virgin pussy, as I kissed her. Just when she was about to cum her husband walked into the room. At first he was very upset. But as soon as we started to suck his dick his tune changed. I really can not imagine a better way to lose your virginity.    

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