Settle in for a story about my virgin boy sex experience!  So, my new man came to me quite by accident.  I dropped by the farm to pick up some supplies, and there he was!  It’s been said that country boys are the best, therefore, it MUST be true, right? Finding yourself a country boy who’s also a virgin? Well, now you’re talking! Follow along and maybe I’ll give you the lowdown on this tale!

Let’s call him, Will, shall we?  Will is a super-stud, but he has NO idea how sexy he really is.  It can be a delicate situation for a man.  I’ll walk him through it.  Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle; but don’t blame me if he ends up BROKEN!  I just find them, after that, it’s pretty much GOD’S will, right? LOL.

My car broke down on the roadside; and when he got there it was impossible NOT to notice the bulge in his pants. How had NO WOMAN taken advantage of that man meat?  When he got me to his place and told me he was a virgin, my head started to spin.  Why?  Because, he had NO IDEA what he was in for!  I started by putting a cock-ring on him; watching that thick shaft swell under my touch, and the pre-cum started to flow.

I’d expected him to be shy, but not as nervous as he was.  So, I knew I’d need to take it easy with him. I WILL break for my virgin boy sex.  Taking him slowly is the way to go. Treasuring, licking and savoring him, that’s what I’d do. You need to follow for more, folks…It’s about to get hot as HELL in here tonight!



Get That Man-Cherry Popped!