We left off with me climbing the bed to my virgin boy; and let me tell you, it just got hotter from there!  His eyes were the size of saucers as he watched my tongue dance over his cock.  Would he be able to hold back his jizz from me? We ARE talking about a virgin boy, right?  My tongue found every crevice and ticklish spot along the way. so that made my work all the more fun.

The first place I landed was his belly button, and that created moans I’d never heard from a human being before. Farm men can be wild, but, not virgins…So, mine is a hybrid.  He’s sexy as HELL, but he’s also a bit shy. He doesn’t quite recognize how sexy he is.  Tonight, he’d get to test every fantasy he’s ever had!

My tongue snaked further and down over his full balls, but not before slurping his swollen head.  It took a ride down the slippery slope where my favorite vein lives, then down to his full balls.  I could almost FEEL them aching, and I was MORE THAN happy to relieve them!

I cannot describe the twitching his cock did once he was inside my pussy! To call me a slip ‘n slide would be CUMPletely accurate! He thrust and pounded and moaned my name, and before I knew it…HE POPPED!  His warm, sticky cum oozed out of my pussy like a river flowing.  But, that wasn’t the end for this hungry virgin boy!  He begged and plead with me to ride him until he was sore and he couldn’t get the cock ring back off!

I think I’ll be flying back-and-forth to get more Virgin Boy loving… and SOON!

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