Rough Sex Like You Wouldn’t Believe: Raping A Hitch-Hiker.

Rough Sex Like You Wouldn’t Believe: Raping A Hitch-Hiker. Raping a hitchhiker in exchange for a ride. He needed a ride and we needed to be sexually deviant. With no one else in sight on a lonely desolate road, our new friend didn’t have a choice. Well, I suppose he did, but he was desperate to get to his destination. I don’t think there’s anything wrong, with a mutually beneficial relationship.

Despite him having to go through hell to get to his destination, the point is he’s getting a free ride and that’s all that mattered to him. It was about 3 am and there we were on the loneliest road in the world. When we pulled over to pick up John, we decided we’d just go ahead and accept our payment right there and then.

Rough Sex Is My Favorite!

You see John needed to get to the hospital to his wife, who was about to deliver his baby girl. So getting to the hospital was imperative. He told us that he didn’t have much money and that his car broke down, but that he was willing to do whatever it took to get to the hospital ASAP. With that devilish look in my eyes, I suggested that he relieve us of our sexual frustrations right then, right there.

He was hesitant, but as the minutes ticked away, he knew that he had better just agree and get it over with. He hung his head low and shook his head, “Yes!” The moment his nod came to a standstill, his head hit the hood of our car with such force that it sent shivers up my spine. It was about to get brutal and John knew it too.

Rough Sex? Yes Please!

As tears streamed down his eyes, my friend’s Ronald, Roman, Jeremy and myself began our assault. With Roman holding a 9mm Rugar pressed firmly against his head, John totally relinquished control and gave it to us. Ronald undid his pants and rammed his thick 9″ cock into John’s tight ass. Gritting his teeth and eyes clenched, John took it like a champ. With every thrust, Ronald got deeper and deeper.

I giggled as I seen a little trail of blood make its way down John’s leg. Jeremy jumped up on the hood, pulled his cock out and shoved it into John’s hesitant mouth. John was gagging continuously as Jeremy’s face fucked him. Beaten, fucked, humiliated and broken John just took it all. With his bloodied ass raped, his mouth swollen and sore. Once Ronald and Jeremy blew their loads, we decided that John had his fill.

How Rough Do You Like Your Rough Sex?

Both literally and figuratively! Ha! What was my role in all of this? Well, I was the cheerleader, facilitator and of course, it was my job to videotape the whole brutal thing. Do you want MORE details? Do you want to hear about how John screamed out and begged for mercy? I wonder if you like it as rough as I do. If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then I am the violent whore for you.

Call me and we will explore our vindictive sides together. Maybe you want to give me a run for my money and rape me? I think I deserve it! Rough sex is only one way like it. Sometimes sketchy sex is the only way to go!

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