Sold By My Own Damn Brother: One Of Many Forced Sex Stories

Sold By My Own Damn Brother: One Of Many Forced Sex Stories! My brother is a nasty little fucker who is even kinkier than I am. I thought I took things a bit too far, but he showed me a whole new level of wrong. I was hanging out at his apartment when his friend Cory came over. They went over to the corner to talk and I saw him hand my brother a handful of money while grinning. My brother counted it, smiled then said he’d be back in an hour. I thought it was weird and had no idea what was going on until Cory came towards me and grabbed me.

I tried to push him away from me but he said that he’d bought me fair and square and that he was going to get his money’s worth. That’s when I realized that my brother had sold me to his friend and that he was going to rape me and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it! Cory dragged me off the sofa and I hit the coffee table hard, making me cry out in pain as he began ripping at my clothes. I kept telling him to stop and hit him a few times but he was a lot stronger than I was.

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He grabbed my neck and gave me a hard slap across my face which stunned me. I blinked like an idiot as he hit me again then just laid there trying to make everything stop spinning. The button on my jeans popped off as he tugged them open and his fingers ripped the thin lace of my panties as he took them off. He shoved my legs apart and knelt between them as he undid his jeans. shoving them down.

His dick was huge and he rammed it into me so hard I thought I was going to throw up. I wasn’t turned on at all and I think he tore my pussy a bit, as he began thrusting away. I scratched his arm as I tried one last time to get him off and he pinned my arms down, holding me under him as he kept using me. My ass rubbed on the carpet, burning me as it made my cheeks raw.

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He yanked at my hips, pulling me on him as he pushed his dick into me again and again. I had no control over my body and bounced under him as he did what he wanted. I stared at the ceiling as his head bobbed in and out of my line of sight and tried to zone out. “Fucking slut!” he grunted as he fucked me and part of me knew it was true. It was hard to breathe and my eyes had tears in them, making it hard to see. His thrusts became rough jabs and he put his hand on my throat, squeezing it as he moved.

I knew his fingers were going to leave bruises and it hurt to swallow. He shuddered and started cumming in me but I barely noticed. I think I was about to black out when he finally let me go and I took a deep, painful breath. He pushed me away with disgust and his dick slid out of me. I felt so dirty and gross. I laid on the floor as cum leaked out of me and my pussy felt like it was on fire.

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My lower stomach felt sore and bruised and I curled up as Cory put his jeans back on. He left me there and I was finally getting myself together when my brother came home. “He likes it when you put up a fight, so try harder next time.” Next time? Fuck! I wasn’t sure how I felt about that shit! Do you like sex? I most certainly do, though I like to be on the giving end of forcing someone. I guess you don’t always get that choice, however.

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