My Boyfriend Fucked Me While I Was Playing Video Games Part Two~

My boyfriend insisted on fucking me while I was playing video games! This is part two of this sexy saga, so make sure to read part one first! You can find it here!

He was sliding his tongue in and out while I moaned into my headset. I could hear the guys on the other end whistling at me, talking about how hard their cocks were listening to me. My boyfriend started teasing my pussy with the tips of his fingers, sliding them in and out slightly and oh so gently. I begged him for more, and he started to finger fuck me, shoving two fingers in at a time, while he tongue flicked my clit.

I was in heaven!

I’m not sure if you have ever tried to game while getting eaten out, but it is hard! In more ways than one! He stood up after a few minutes, and I got my first glimpse of his massively hard cock! It was swollen and throbbing, ready to feel my tight pussy around it. I stood up and got on my hands and knees, and lowered my torso to my elbows so that I could continue playing!

On my knees and elbows, I pointed my cute little ass into the air and spread open my wet little pussy lips.

I felt him grab my hips and fill me up with his cock. It felt so fucking good, I couldn’t help but moan into my headset for everyone on my team to hear. He kept pumping me, in and out, hard and fast. I felt myself getting closer and closer to reaching my climax. I moaned at him to go faster and harder. He spanked my ass and I came, my pussy clenching around his rock hard cock. When he felt me cumming, he couldn’t help but catch his release, moaning as he filled my pussy up with his hot, warm load.

I sat up and put my finger inside of me, bringing it about with a mixture of his cum and mine. I put it in my mouth and licked it clean while watching his reaction. He came closer to me and kissed me on the lips, harder than he ever had before. I kissed him back as I heard cheering in my headset. I must have gotten many guys off today! ;D

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