The second it hit my clit I knew this was going to be an amazing, vibrating orgasm!

I was lying in bed feeling so horny when Tim walked into the room. I knew he was coming over, and I was hoping he’d catch me touching myself. But that’s when he pulled my little vibrator out and turned it on. Just the sound of it made me dripping wet. Tim ALWAYS gave me the best vibrating orgasm!

I pulled my towel off, exposing my naked body. I needed him to touch me, but of course he was only going to tease. He ran the vibrator up my legs and across my stomach. He trailed coconut oil behind him. I was nearly begging for him to actually touch me…when he did! The vibrator hit my clit and I nearly jumped off the bed! It felt so damn good!

As he held the vibrator on my clit he slipped a couple fingers inside my pulsing, tight pussy. I held my breath as he kept moving his fingers inside of me. He very quickly pulled his pants down and straddled my face. I knew exactly what he was wanting! I opened my mouth and took his entire cock down my throat has he face fucked me. The harder I let him face fuck, the faster his fingers moved.

I could feel him beginning to slow down with my mouth. He was getting close but wasn’t wanting to cum just yet. Tim was barely able to speak as he said, “Jillian, you will be cumming with me. Do you understand?” I moaned as I agreed to his stipulations! There was going to be no problem with me cumming at the same time as him.

He turned the toy up higher and started to pick the pace back up with my mouth. I was trying to moan so loudly but each time his cock would silence the pleasure sounds. I didn’t mind one bit though. “Jillian you need to get ready to cum! I’m going to fill your throat as I make you squirt!” That’s exactly what did me in. I started to cum, squirting onto his mouth. His hot load started to pour into my throat as my orgasm got more intense!

Tim slowed his movements in my mouth as he focused in on my clit. He licked it a few more times after my orgasm had finished. I jumped a few times because I was still so damn sensitive. He licked me clean after that amazing vibrating orgasm, and then got up to make us dinner. I soaked in the bath for a few before continuing our fun in the kitchen!

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