I had a little forced break due to a vibrating cockblock.

No one wants to have their fucking interrupted by a vibrating cockblock, or any cockblock for that matter. It could be argued that a vibrating cockblock is the worst cockblock out there. No one wants to stop fucking to address a vibrating cockblock! Needless to say, we still had plenty of fun, but we almost died of frustration. One night, my sexy little sub spent the night at my place, and when we woke up, she was as frisky as ever. Backing her ass up into me. Trying to wake me up by being obnoxiously sexy. Weirdly, the two can coincide. Petting up and down the insides of my legs and sighing heavily over and over.

Once I was finally awake, I kissed her all over. She asked me if I would fuck her. I told her yes, but that I was going to do her work for it. I grabbed the wand and plugged it in. We have two wands, one that is powerful but must remain plugged in, and one that is firm but wireless. I plugged in the first one. First, I slid my hand between her legs. Touching her, teasing her. Then, I kissed down her body and kissed her hips, her thighs, her little ass. I kissed her between the legs and lightly brushed her with my tongue. Then, I turned the vibrator on the first setting and pressed it into her.

On and off, on and off.

I toyed with her for a bit, then stopped and kissed her some more. Now and then, I stopped to give her a nice little smack, wherever I felt like she needed it. I turned the wand up to the second setting. On and off all over again. Now and then, I just left the vibrator on her and let her reach dangerously close to orgasm. Then, back to kissing her and touching her. I told her she was mine. That she belonged to me, and that I would give her a little lesson in patience. More smacking. I told her how naughty and pathetic she was for nearing orgasm in less than forty seconds every time I touched her with the vibrator.

Eventually, I turned it up to the third setting. She began to lose control. I pressed it into her, and she wriggled about desperately. I got wetter and wetter as she grew more helpless and weak. Her desperation turned me on so much. I could see the desperation and the vulnerability in her bright green eyes and her furrowed little light brown eyebrows. Frustration, fear, and excitement. I kissed her and touched her ever so gently all over again. She was aching, and I could tell. I harnessed up my strapon after telling her that she was not allowed to cum without it. I covered her in lube and slid right into her.

Then, I made her take quite the raw fucking, without the vibration, before I turned it on and let her have it.

I turned it on finally, at the weakest of its three settings. I began fucking her a bit faster, with more zeal. She grew close, and since the vibrator had a portion for my clit and a portion for the inside of me, I could feel the orgasm growing close for me as well. Then, without a smidgeon of a warning, the whole thing shut off. It was so abrupt that I thought it broke! We had previously joked about how the thing hadn’t been charged for a long time. I plugged it in, and the little blue light turned on. We were maximum level, worked up, and frustrated. I made her use the wand vibrator in front of me, and I let her make herself cum.

She turned the wand on me and made me cum hard, but it was not the same! Then, we hopped in the shower to rinse off all of our sweat and frustration. After that miserable vibrating cockblock, we went out for coffee. We left the strapon there to charge for a very long time.

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vibrating cockblock