Vanilla GFE: Are You Vanilla And Just Want A Bit Of JOI?

Vanilla GFE, is like the non-BDSM, not big on the kinky and taboo girlfriend experience.  For the most part, I thought I was vanilla until I realized that many things that I’m into are far from vanilla.  The vanilla boat has sailed for me and my faucet of kinky whoredome is constantly dripping as I press the envelope with my obtrusive taboo fantasies.

At times, I wish I was more vanilla.  Being a girlfriend comes naturally to me; for I always seem to be paired up.   Relationships are sort of my thing.  For years I habitually dated and served as a mistress.  Not necessarily a dominant but a well taken care of side piece.  The vanilla gfe is definitely a memory that I’d love to re-enact time and time again.

Set The Scene

After a long day at work, you come home to a plate in the microwave just for you, and a warm bath is drawn just for you.  Candles are everywhere and our song is playing in the background.

Oops!  Rewind, that is too much like a wife.  Girlfriends don’t always shack up.  Especially not this chick.  The only parade I want you to rain on is my face.


The week has been long and you have endured much.  Your limits have been blurred and buttons pressed.  Now it is date night and this fine, long-legged creature isn’t ready when you pull up to her door.  Her perfume lingers in the air.  That dress is snug and cups her curves in all the right places.  That makeup accentuates all of her best features and is never overdone.

The vanilla gfe conversations leading up to date night have been all so comforting.  The subtle positive messages, words of encouragement, recanting one another’s days… has made you long to see the body attached to this spirit that has taken over you.

The Conversations

We all need that safe space.  Therapy can be expensive, and our friends can be close and yet all so distant at the same time.  There is something amazing about pillow talk.  When that special girl comes into your life and all you want to do is chat about this new tool at work, or how you beat the learning curve on some new software and caught on instantly…

A vanilla gfe is more than just phone sex.  It is your favorite food, the things that motivate you, playing out your fantasies, and on occasion a bit of joi and a roleplay.  The conversation is focused on connecting and getting to know one another.

The Little Things

When she is vanilla, taboo might frighten, intrigue, or completely turn her off.  The conversations might be a little unnerving, and may even open her mind to kinky dimensions that she never fathomed.  Help her accept all of it.  Don’t rush it.  No one likes the bomb rush spirit.

Noticing the little things and making a feast of it is the specialty of the vanilla gfe.  If you are into cars, and I know it I may just send you something I stumbled across to remind you that I’m thinking of you.  An event in coming up in your area, and so I ask if you are going.  You kids have a milestone moment, so I congratulate you and give you props for being such an awesome contribution to their success.

Phone sex girls aren’t all about the kink unless you want us to be.  Cum play and have the vanilla gfe.  Get a handjob and experience a bit of joy or might I say joi.  Let’s pillow talk and let me tease and deny you all night long.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke