Vampires have always been very sexy to me. From a young age, I’ve always had a deep attraction to the very idea of Vampires. I know they don’t really exist, but I often imagine what it would be like if they did. I have one fantasy in particular that I always go back to when I’m looking for good masturbation material.

Vampires are the farthest thing from my mind tonight.  It’s 7 pm and I am finally off of work and am walking towards my car. I parked at the end of the block today, which I normally try to avoid because of the lack of street lights and high tree coverage. Seems dark and dangerous down there. Even in the daylight, I try to avoid it. Today it was either be super late to work or park in the danger zone.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a man emerge from the shadows. One minute I was alone, the next the man seemed to glide over to me. “Hello Lovely..”, the stranger said to me. For reason, I cannot explain I am not scared. Stranger still, I feel drawn to him. Deeply attracted to him and instantly wet and turned all the way on. I remember that Vampires can have that effect on unsuspecting people.

“It is late for a woman to be out by herself…you could run into trouble you know”, the mystery man admonished me. “Why don’t we go back to my place for a drink? Have any plans you need to break?”

Again, for reasons, I cannot fathom I agreed to go home with him. As soon as the words escaped my lips I found myself standing in the middle of a very modern looking kitchen. In my opinion, it was almost too clean; spotless and sterile.

I notice he has quite the red wine collection, filling up an entire large wine rack in the far corner of the room.

I only had to think about the wine and suddenly there was a glass of Malbec in my hand, it’s spicy smell tickling my nostrils. All of my senses were fully heightened and I could hear the stranger coming up behind me. As I took a deep sip of the wine, I felt him slide his hands around my waist from the back, settling on my hips. I could feel his hot breath on my neck through my hair.

He nuzzled my nape and the crook of my neck as I continued to drink my wine. Taking big sips, one after another. My cup never seemed to empty, the level remained constant. Suddenly I feel a sharp sting and burn, I realize he has bitten me on my neck! Why am I not terrified? some detached part of my mind wondered. I soon forgot about my worry and could focus only on what this man was doing to me: giving me orgasm after orgasm. I could barely stand by the time he released my neck.

Taking my waist between his hands, he easily lifts me up unto the counter. He pushes my skirt up and my panties aside and plunges deeply into my pussy, which is still pulsating with the aftershocks of my orgasms. Fucking me deeply and roughly, he makes me cum 3 more times until he finds his release.

As soon as the pleasure fog cleared I opened my eyes…only to find myself back in my own car, alone! My neck feels wet and sticky. I can see two thin trails of blood running down my blouse. I better get the hell out of here.What a night!

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