Vampire Sex: Seduction, Danger and Mystery. A Draining Affair

All names for the most sensuous beast of legend. Vampire sex is Danger, Mystery, Seduction. The thought of being wrapped in the arms of darkness, staring into the eyes of something that could be bringer of my end. It makes my blood race and my pussy quiver.

His cool skin on my burning body. His icy lips on mine.  Hands all over each others bodies. The scrape of sharp teeth against my tongue. I can’t breathe with the anticipation of my lover’s bite. The feeling of knowing that its my very blood that keeps him alive makes me feel powerful and vulnerable at the same time. As much as I revel in knowing that I am the juice of life for this devilish beast, I can’t push away the thought that at any moment, he could drain me completely dry.

I am lost as he kisses me again. Surrendering to his will. Willing to follow his every direction. I’m a strong dominant woman, but in his arms, I become only what he wants me to be. As I am his life force, suddenly, he is the reason I breathe. I can’t get close enough to him and I cry out for more. He smiles at me, the light gleaming off his ivory fangs.

He slides his cold throbbing dick into my hot waiting hole.

I arch to meet him, thrust for thrust as he rocks my body with every motion he makes. Pounding into me with strength I’ve never seen but also with a tenderness I could never imagine. As he pushes me further and further up the steep incline of my arousal, I get closer and closer to the summit that is my explosive orgasm. And at just the moment of reaching the peak, I feel him sink his teeth into the soft flesh of my neck. I am rocked once more by the force of cumming.

Vampire Sex is the dangerous game I’m playing. Feel like a round? Want me to be the blood sucker? Don’t be shy. Tell me all about it! Fetish Phone Sex!