Vampire draining can be, well… draining!  That’s what you want from it, right?  You want to lose yourself, be TAKEN away.  FORCED to do the unthinkable.  Fuck the undead, then relent and release your inhibitions and let him, or her… drink.  At least that’s how I look at it.  I mean, there’s good fucking… and then there’s OTHERWORLDLY fucking.  To say deep is not enough.  Fulfilling?  Sure, but not the right word either.  ENVELOPED!  That’s the word. To feel the warmth of the vampire’s kiss that rolls, then radiates all through your veins. Simply sublime!  Yes, it is.

As I took his cold hand and mounted the bed his smile broadened and he rolled onto his back in acceptance of all I offered… and  ALL I HAD TO GIVE!  I felt the tug… but not because he pulled me to him…The tug may well have been described as an internal “PUSH” on my end. LOL .  Either way, I found his mouth, cold, but hungry… And why wouldn’t he be?  I’ve not only got warm blood but, the hottest pussy in town.  He might have been dead, but he wasn’t STONE COLD DEAD.  Believe me!

What little warmth he could muster from his “life” flooded him and I swear he almost BLUSHED!  I kissed him and pulled at his cold, tight nipples with my fingertips.  His mouth, so cold that mixed with the heat of my own, steam rose from our lips.  He moaned.  My kiss deepened.  He opened his eyes with a start!  The realization was clear… The hunter had not only becum the prey, but he was already captured.  Giggle.  Sly like a fox, I am.  I cupped his cock and though the dead SHOULD have a constant “woodie”, his beat every other living one I’d ever seen!

I stroked him, then lowered my mouth, leaving him with a single smile before I drank!  Draining him would becum my own mission that night.  I wanted him to cum over and over and there was only one way I KNEW to ensure that!  I would be the HUMAN VAMPIRE and he would be my bitch!  I licked his ass, then plunged.  I left him whimpering on the side of the bed and I swear that after I finished polishing that wood, he looked like he needed a crucifix to use against ME! Hahaha.  Fancy that!  A cry-baby vampire.  He thought that night HE would drain me…I guess he thought wrong.

Are you thinking you have what it takes to drain my ass?  I’d LOVE to see you try!  In fact, let’s set up a challenge. There may even be some FREE PHONE SEX MINUTES in it for you.  What do you have to lose… CUM & SUCK ME. Giggle.

In the Mood For Some Blood-letting?