Vampire Fuck Toy – Let Me Be Your Sexy Little Play Thing!

Vampire fuck toy, now, that sounds like an amazing time. Let’s play like I am a sexy little vampire you just came across and you take me home. I’m submissive and ready to please. But, I also need to be fed.

You walk into a bar you’ve never been to before. And you walk in, getting random girls coming up to you and showing off their fangs. You’re the sexiest thing that we’ve all seen in a while. And you’re our FAVORITE blood type… O negative.

But, none of those girls are what you are looking for. None have that certain je ne sais quoi about them. You sit down at the bar and ask for a drink and there you see me. Petite, blonde, blue eyes, and not even paying attention to you.

Grabbing your drink, you walk over and sit down next to me, get girls throwing themselves at you again but it doesn’t phase you. I jump a little as you sit down next to me and I look up at you. You can’t help but smile as you look at me, you’ve never seen such a timid and shy vampire before. But, you are drawn to me like a moth to a flame.

You chug your drink and tell me “Come.”

I follow you to your car and you drive me to your place. Continuing to follow you, you open your door to your place and invite me inside. I slowly step inside and you command me to take off all of my clothes and I obey. You grab me and pick me up, taking me to your bed.

I crawl to the middle of the bed after you set me down and then start to take off your clothes. I start to lick my lips and watch you as you get naked. Then you climb onto the bed and get on top of me. I let my fangs pop out as you start to kiss up and down my body.

My hard nipples enter your mouth and you feel how cold my skin is but you know I’ll warm up after you play with me for a bit. Then you grab me by my hair and stand up. I follow your every command and get on my knees in front of you and you tell me to open my mouth up. And I begin to suck your hard cock, giving you a vampire blowjob.

My fangs lightly scraping against your cock… you moan and push my head down further, making me lick your balls with your entire cock down my throat. I start to play with my pussy as you face fuck me. You have always wanted a vampire fuck toy and you knew I won’t be able to say no to you.

Your blood is tasty, almost like a drug.

And you know that already and then lay down on the bed, pulling me on top. I grab your cock and shove it inside of me and ride it hard. You pull my nipples and pull me down, exposing your neck to me. So, I kiss your neck and then quickly bite down onto it.

You start thrusting faster and faster and finally make me cum as I suck on your blood. Then shortly after you cum inside of my little cunt. I moan and let you know that I just came hard as you fucked me. And the blood made it all the more amazing.

We just lie there in your bed and stare at each other for a few minutes and you say “You are now mine. Did you get that? Now, you are my own little vampire fuck toy.” I smile and say okay to that because no one has ever wanted to have such a shy little vampire as their own.

We continue to fuck all through the night and then you take me to your basement, which you make sure is light-tight, and kiss me good morning since I have to sleep during the day. I lie down on the old couch you have down there and you cover me in a blanket. I’m finally someone’s little toy and you will use me however you want.

Want hot phone sex? Give me a call. Let me be your vampire fuck toy!