Vampire College Girl Loves Halloween!

Warning: These college girl sex stories are too hot!

College is already complicated enough and on top of that, I was a vampire. How did I deal with that? Well, I always made sure I was not hungry when I was around other people. The mere scent of them could take me into a frenzy. I mean, I could control it but why would I? After all, we vampires are a step up from humans, we are the evolution of them. Halloween though, that is a different story. Last night at a frat party I got high on blood!

The dance floor was full of college kids in their scary costumes. Mine was real though. My fangs were out and I wanted to feed, especially since everyone was already drunk. That made things easy. There was dirty dancing all around me when I sunk my fangs into a yummy little treat. The trick is feeling their pulse. In the corner of my eye I saw him, he was so yummy. He smelled like the forest and I knew I had to have him. When I was done with the college slut I walked up to him.

There was no need to use any of my abilities.

Hot college girls like me always get what we want, even when we have fangs. I took him to an empty room upstairs and then got on my knees. I sucked his cock until he came and then, I did what I wanted with him. Again, I sunk my sharp fangs into his neck and drained him. When I was done with him, I was no longer hungry. I had cum and blood and that was just what I needed for a fucking banging Halloween night!

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