Vampire Castle Swingers Club Anonymous Invitation for Halloween!

“Oh, shit, Babe! We just got an invitation to the vampire castle swingers club downtown! Says they’re having an annual Halloween Party! Wonder how we got on their list? We’ve never even been there!” I read the invitation out loud.

“Royalty and Peasants alike were welCUM to the Annual Halloween Ball! And it’s as its name suggests. Total anarchy ensues once you enter the gates of the Kingdom. All of your sensual prowess will cum to light!”

“Ladies, Tighten your pussies! Men, Stiffen your dicks! Tonight… every carnal delight you thought you’d NEVER enjoy, will be yours for the taking…This is the Vampire Castle Swingers Club Ball!”  There is something riding on the haunted air. All Hallow’s Eve, when darkness breaks it’s restraints and emerges… for one night only! Oh! The naughtiness you’ll experience at the Vampire Swingers Club Ball! Wickedness ensues when you think you know who’s behind the mask, slithering along your thigh as you dance to the driving beat. Only to find that they may not be human at all. Yessssss!

You will lock eyes with destructive demons!

My only words of caution are, those that you are not willing to take and allow their carnal desires to be put upon you, DO NOT look into their eyes. That’s where it will begin… where YOU will begin to get lost. I tell you not to, but I am almost certain you will. Why? Because there’s nothing better than how they will make you feel.  They will ride you hard and drop you where you stand, wet and disheveled… The best thing is that you will love every second of it, especially if you need some hard sex!

They move most gracefully among the other human revelers during the night’s fun… Enticing the crowds to near riotous proportions… Oh! The orgy they will create.  Much like the days of Caligula in ancient Rome, they are sexual destroyers… of man.”

My hands shook as I placed the beautiful invitation on the kitchen island.

Likewise, my mind whirled with thoughts of a perfect costume to blend with humans and demons alike. I turned and asked, “What should we wear, Babe? Should we match, or go rogue with what we each want to wear? We decided on the latter. We had a week to cum up with something out of this world.

He decided to go traditional to the vampire castle swingers club. Why would he choose to dress as a vamp at a vamp club? Oh, Honey, your guess is as good as mine! But, he did look hot as fuck in that tux! I, on the other hand, chose to be way over the top, you know me! lol. I was the demon nun from The Conjuring movie franchise. Of course, I always have a spin on things, so my “habit was slit from floor to – OH MY! Haha, I had heads turning all over the room and since we were forewarned I was pretty sure lots of the demonic were checking my fine ass out!

I sauntered right to the middle of the floor where I was instantly surrounded by beings licking their lips and grunting as if they might attack.

Slowly, I let my own vicious smile cover my face and they reared back as if trying to assess who was the Alpha in the grouping. My smile broadened ready to lay claim to my rightful title. As a basic rule, I’m definitely one to test limits, so I lurched forward and laughed as they all reared BACK! This seemed a perfect place for the phone sex kingdom, but maybe next year! Giggle.

The party was in full bloom by the time our host and hostess made their arrival. I genuflected without warning. I hadn’t felt this turned on since back when I was a Tight Teen Whore! And to some real degree, they were Royalty! I’d lost track of my date, but I could see him humping a vampire pussy with his tuxedo pants around his ankles!

Returning my attention to the vampire castle swingers club, I locked eyes with the baddest of the big bads! He and his mate floated towards me and both started to grind on me from front to back. I gave in to my baser needs and let it ride.

But again, on this auspicious occasion, no one cared for what tomorrow might bring.

We all lived for tonight and to be fucked…by themOur collective bodies entangled, yet somehow we seemed to all center on them. A party of men and women dedicating the evening to licking every orifice offered and beyond… It might be the time to say I had never sucked so much cock, drown in so much cum, been fisted and probed by so many at one time. But, hell, they threw this event every year! And practicing for it was how we filled the days and months leading up to it, so…

My tongue found it’s way into every crack and crevice within the vampire castle swingers club stone edifice.  The glow of the fire filled the giant rooms casting shadows, stretching along the walls, like some macabre dancing orgy… It should be noted that it mimicked in identity, everything from Bram Stoker with the bodies strewn across the floors… and the music pounded on!

So, by the next morning, wheel-barrels were lined along the walls of the vampire swingers club.

The dumping would begin. The drunken and more than satisfied remaining party-goers who couldn’t carry themselves out were wheeled out and dumped just outside the palace walls. The rest? Well, we heard that every year has its casualties… those who just couldn’t cut the mustard; make it to the finish line; dance the full night… Okay, I’ll stop talking in riddles! There were always “casualties” that were fatal.  Those were handled in separate wheel-barrels and dumped into a raging fire.

Well, what would you expect her to do with them? Call the coppers and explain how they were happily FUCKED TO DEATH?  And on Halloween Eve, no less?  Oh, yeah… I can see that going over really well!  I said they were all drunk, not STUPID!

Want to be in on next year’s Wild Fuckery? 

I happen to have an in with the lady in charge… I could swing an invite if you can swing… well, you know. Giggle. Call me. Get on that disappearing invitation list for the vampire castle swingers club…CUM on! Space is LIMITED.  Don’t get squeezed out. LOL.



Vampire Castle Swingers Club