Vampire cock sucking….

Vampire… I said as he asked me what I was. He was tied to the four post bed naked his hands and feet each bound to a corner. I bit my lip, my bright white fangs glistening in the lamp light as I circled around the bed watching him wiggle trying to free himself. It will do you no good I tell him. You won’t get free unless I free you and that’s not happening anytime soon.

I leaned into my prey and began tasting him with my lips lightly moving my fangs across his skin. Not enough to pierce him, not yet anyway. I continued moving down his naked body filling his pulse race as I moved down to his groin. I wrapped my lips around him and began to suck careful not to bite him not yet. Want his cock ready to explode in me. Sucking his now throbbing cock I could feel him trying to hold back, trying not to cum in my mouth. I wanted it though and I always get what I want.

I’m a vampire, no one denies me the pleasures I seek.

I began to deep throat his cock in and out of my mouth deeper down I went with every bob of my head. Finally, he could take it no more and exploded his huge load into the back of my throat moaning out in pleasure. With his warm cum still in my mouth, I moved to his inner thigh and sank my fangs into his pleasure filled skin and let his blood and cum mix together in my mouth. He moaned again. I raised my head and started moving up towards his face. His eyes got big as I came in closer to him and he saw my vampire fangs dripping with his blood and cum.

Wanna find out what happened next?

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