Valentines Day Dick

I love dick! I mean I just fucking love dick! It’s Valentines Day weekend and I really need some dick! Do I have a Valentine, no…but I do make sure I have a nice big dick to fuck. Call him my Valentines Day Dick. I have a great story as to how I found him! I can’t wait to tell you!

He has been obsessed with me since my Freshmen Year of High school. I never gave him the time of the day. Not because he was ugly or anything like that. But he just did not like to shower. You could smell him from a mile away.

Now, I do not mind when I man smells like a man, but this was completely different. The one time I decided to give him a chance he still had a bit of dried up cum on his dick from who knows when. So I had to walk away, even though he had a giant dick!

Valentines day dick still tried all through high school and I always told him no. Years went on and he always kept in contact with me. One day I decided to meet up with him and just have a conversation. Well, let me tell you, he learned how to shower, and so much more. I wanted him so bad. My mouth was watering and my panties were dripping. He knew it too. I never wanted someone so bad.

He could tell how much I desired him and how bad I wanted him. But my valentines day dick was ready to teach me a lesson on what I had been missing out on all these years. It was about a week from Valentines Day and so he asked me for dinner. Of course, I told him yes. After a nice flirty dinner, he took me back to his place.

I was not expecting what was to come next. But God did I love it. He led me to his bedroom and started to kiss me. Made me think we were going to have sensual sex. Funny enough he did not even fuck me that night. Instead, he tied me to his bed. Taped up my body and started to punish me. I was his good little slave. I begged for his dick. But no, I did not get it that year.

So from that day on every Valentine’s Day I was his slave. I get myself dressed up as sexy as I can and become whatever he wants. I let him humiliate me and use me. But he has yet to fuck me. I’m hoping this year will be the year. I have an idea up my sleeve! I can’t want to tell you all about it! Call me for Free Phone Sex!


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