Happy Valentines day!!!!

Valentines day comes once a year and if you’re lucky you get to spend it with someone you love. Here is what I did on my valentines day it was the perfect date for a girl like me. I got home at 7:00 pm and there were rose peddles and glitter lining the walkway leading to my door. Instantly giving me the biggest smile I have ever had. I approached the door and found a little box labeled Kylie, I opened it with excitement… What could it be? I opened the box to see a blindfold bedazzled with my name on it and it is pink my favorite color. On the note it says put me on and knock on the door three times so that is just what I did.

The excitement was swimming in my stomach. Butterflies begging to be let out I couldn’t wait to see what was waiting for me on the other side of that door. I heard the door open and the scent of vanilla and flowers floated in the air. The smell was strong sweet but not overpowering it smelled like a sensual flower shop. He led me by the hand up the stairs to our room. The sweet fragrance running through the house was coming from this room.

He stood behind me tracing his fingers from my hands to my shoulders up to my neck till finally. He pulled off the blindfold.

I blinked clearing my vision, As I looked around the room there were dozens and dozens of roses, bouquets of carnations and lilies, there were white rose petals on the floor leading to the bed. Candles burned everywhere it light the room with a soft light. After taking in the scene of the room fully he dropped to his knee pulled out a big ring and said “Happy Valentines day, will you marry me” my heart fluttering beating too fast. “YES!!!”

Happy valentines day everyone!

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