My Valentine’s Assortment With White, Dark & Milk Chocolate

As most of my callers know, my husband is a pastor. That is what has driven me to the point of having to look else where for sexual satisfaction. A straight-laced, vanilla sex pastor can not satisfy a young hot wife like me with a high-intensity sex drive. My husband provides ministry counseling to a couple of local jails. One county jail, and two area city jails. From time to time the Wardens of these facilities will allow some of the inmates my husband counsels a trustee pass to help my husband with some of the maintenance work that needs to be done around the church. Today I’ll have milk chocolate.

They help out with landscaping, painting, repair, moving large objects etc. Just so happened yesterday, Valentines Day my husband brought several of the trustees to the church. To do some cleanup and landscaping work. They had been there for about an hour when my husband came in. He said his dad called him and needed his help He said he should not be long maybe an hour at the most. He said I have four of my students from the jail doing work around the church. I put some drinks in a cooler out on our patio, and a deli sandwich tray I picked up for their lunch so they will probably be over here on the patio eating in an hour or so, but I will probably be back by then.

After my husband left, I took a quick shower, and after drying off with the towel wrapped my hair with it, and lied on the bed to cool off before getting dressed.

I dozed off while lying down, and awoke when I felt something touch the side of my face. I opened my eyes, and there was this rough-looking white guy, naked from the waste down brushing his cock along the side of my face close to my mouth. The sight of him startled me, so I jumped back, and asked, “What the Hell are you Doing”? Then I noticed three other guys stroking their cocks looking at me. Looking while I was lying naked while I slept on our bed. Two of the guys were African-American, and one was Latino.

So there I was startled out of my sleep by four strange men jerking off looking at my naked body.

The guy who had been rubbing his cock on my face said, we were eating lunch on the patio, and saw you sleeping naked on the bed. Being as we are prisoners, only out on trustee duty, it has been a long time since any of us has seen or gotten close to a fine piece of ass like you. I got off the bed, and took the towel from my hair. Then I wrapped it around my body. I responded by saying, so this is how you repay my husbands kindness of signing you out of prison, by making sexual advances towards his wife? Then one of the black guys said, you were so damn sexy sleeping there we could not help ourselves.

I responded, well you guys are going to be in some serious trouble when I tell my husband. He should be home any time now. Jesus, the Latino guy said, we can not let you do that mam. All of us will be charged with sexual assault, and have time added. Next JJ, the other black guy called me a cock teasing slut. He was saying, I knew they were eating lunch on the patio, and was lying naked on the bed just to tease them. Knowing they were prisoners. Then the white prisoner pulls the towel off my body. He said mam, if were getting in trouble for this, we may as well get something for it. To be continued………

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