My Valentine is a Sissy Boy!

Some people get all worked up being single on Valentine’s Day, but not me.  I have my very own sissy boy to dress up and play with all day long!  Not only did I get the joy of buying myself sexy new lingerie, but I got to treat my sissy boy to some as well.  I cannot wait to see the look on his face when he sees his slutty gift!  Since he isn’t much of a blog reader, I’ll share with you our plans for the day of love.

First things first, don’t think I treat all my sissy boys like royalty.  This one in particular has proved his loyalty to me and in return I like to spoil him from time to time.  I think of him more as my whore daughter than anything else.  He has even called me his pimp on more than one occasion.  To him, I am Mommy or Mistress Jamie.

I love hearing about all the cocks he has had and all the sinful things he has done with them.

Secondly, although I have so much fun sending him out into the world to fuck and suck whoever I see fit, I do enjoy his company.  Its almost like a I have him in competition with himself to be the best sissy boy I have ever had and he never fails to surprise me.

Now, onto my plans for our special day.  I’m going to have him open his gift, a lace bodysuit I picked up from NastyGal.  I will have him put it on and model it for me.  I love seeing his little clitty get so hard when he puts of girly things.   Then I will have him get dressed in his usual male attire and head out for dinner.  There is something so naughty about having on lingerie under his clothes.  I will watch him caress himself through the meal and thoroughly enjoy the sensation of the lace on his skin.  We both get a thrill out of being dressed up in public.

Its so perfect for a sissy boy whore like him.

After dinner, I will take him to our favorite neighborhood adult book store.   They have plenty of private booths and a nice sized theater area for him to show off.  I will have him strip down to his bodysuit and put on heels I have in the car.  Knowing as soon as he walks in he will catch all the guys attention.  I will sit in the theater, picking and choosing who will have their time with my little slut.  When he is used up, sticky with cum, and ready for bed I will take him home.  No shower for this whore, I enjoy making him sleep in his filth.  In the morning he can get cleaned up and go home.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

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