The Vajankle

Calling all Foot Fetish Phone Sex enthusiasts… I introduce you to the Vajankle!  When I first saw this sexy gem pop up in one of my many random foot fetish searches my jaw dropped.  I know so many guys that would LOVE to fuck an actual foot and this is perfect!

From shoe whores to foot worshipers, this baby has you covered from both ends!  Let’s just take a moment to think of all the possibilities for this hot new toy.  Footjobs, toe sucking, socks, heels, and a fucking vagina… I know your dirty mind is racing just as fast as mine.  Whoever thought of combining the fleshlight with a human foot is a fucking genius!

The company who makes this sexy piece of foot fetish fun prides itself on their attention to detail.  From the painted toenails, smooth rubber “skin”, different skin tones, even veins,  personalizing your fuck foot has never been so easy.

 I mean come on, who doesn’t find the unholy union of a disembodied foot with a vagina to be at least a little exciting?  I know I do.

So I urge my guys to not only get one but to dress it up and send me a picture!  I’m dying to take your foot fetish to the next level!  I know, I know… I’m really gushing over here, but this is the craziest sex toy I have seen in a while and it takes a lot to shock me. Hopefully, not only have I shocked you, but made you as oddly aroused as I am.  Let us admit it, if sex doesn’t at least shock you from time to time, you’re doing it wrong.  Go ahead and do it right! LOL!

So go out and buy your own vajankle and call up one of our hot Phone Sex Girls to show it to her on a fun Skype call!