He was lying in bed, so damn horny but not wanting to just use his hand…that’s where this unusual masturbation idea came from.

Nick was a very handsome 21 year old man. Just like any man he was horny all the damn time and really loved coming up with unusual masturbation ideas. He’d done everything from fucking blow up dolls, sex toys and now food. He’d heard about this odd idea from some friends but never thought it would be as pleasurable as it actually was.

Nick grabbed his car keys and headed to the grocery store. It was the middle of the summer so thankfully there’d be plenty of watermelons to pick from. As he stood over the container filled with ripe watermelons he picked on that was large enough around to fit his cock inside. That’s right! He was going to fuck the watermelon. Is that an unusual masturbation kink or what?

When he got home he submerged the melon in hot water so that it would be nice and warm when he pushed inside. His cock was already getting hard thinking about having his cock pressed into something so tight. As he waited for the melon to warm up, he turned some porn on and started stroking. He wanted to make sure he was extra turned on before having his fun.

Nick pulled the melon from the bath and cut a hole in the side of it no bigger than the circumference of his rock hard dick. He place the melon on his bed and mounted it the same way he would a nice tight cunt. He rubbed lube around the hole to make it all fell so much more real. As he was watching the porn, and dripping precum he started to rub his head around the opening. He went to push inside and gasped as his cock met the warmth of the melon.

As he pressed into the melon it made way for his cock and formed a hole just the size of his erection. It was so tight and warm around him. He was nervous he’d cum to quickly! He started to fuck the melon until he was close to cumming. He slowed down but then couldn’t handle it anymore. Pumping it harder he came into the melon! It was the best new way he found to masturbate!

What are some unusual masturbation ideas that you’ve come up with? I want to hear them ALL! when you call for Phone Sex for Free!

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