I’d never heard of a Pillow Princess before, but I grew to know and LOVE the eXXXpression.  Once I played it to MY advantage, that is. LOL.  The colloquialism first came to me by way of a lesbian friend who referred to her new chick as a “Pillow Princess” and I nearly died laughing.  Until, I decided to use it to please my boyfriend, Bon.  He loves me, but he’s got a real thing for multiple chicks in his bed.  His love had prevented his own satisfaction and it touched me that he would forego his own desires, in deference to mine.  Such selflessness, makes a good woman WANT to give back.  And so, I did!

Bon had been eyeing a cute, little redhead on my campus and I’d caught him more than once.  Shall I point out that I’m no redhead…well, not exactly. Giggle.  Wait!  You think I’m GIFTING HIM A CHICK?  Are you mad?  Never!  I am many things, stupid is NOT one of them.  I lured the little bitch to our place with a promise of her actually getting to fuck him.

The little lady had NO IDEA that who she would be tasked with pleasuring tonight…would be ME!  Oh, Bon got to watch, don’t you worry about that!  He’d always said one of his fantasies was to see me with another woman.  Be careful what you wish for…you just might get me!

When Bon walked into the bedroom he was greeted by his redhead’s HEAD bobbing up & down on my delicious pussy! What I hadn’t eXXXpected was enjoying it so much! I had a handful of her shiny locks as I humped along her face until she was drenched with my squirt…Continued next!

Lay Your Head On My Pillow


Give Until It Hurts!