Pillow Princess 2…Game on! LOL.  We left off with me testing the lezzie waters with my man’s side piece, though neither of them would have guessed the outCUM! Bon was watching me laying there with my hair perfectly splayed across our pillows, and my eyes rolled back in eXXXstacy in my head.  I was loving life and wondering why I hadn’t considered the lesbian life before!

I mean, to be a pillow princess, all you need to be is a hot chick who loves to be pleazured!  Who fits the bill better than I?  I felt her tongue slip with ease into my waiting walls and further into my pussy. I moaned, and Bon looked directly into my eyes, with his cock practically bursting at the seams of his pants.  His hand slipped inside and soon he was ready for his release.  But, not before I got mine! What am I….crazy?

In a word…no, I am not!  I know a great thing when I’m lying under it! Haha.  So, I watched Bon’s face as he stood there, with his dick in his hand.  He looked as if entranced, which I’m sure he was! So, I grabbed his cock and let him rub it along my lips.  It was hard to keep my tongue in my mouth, but…PRINCESS HERE!!!  The whole premise of being the pillow princess is that you RECEIVE all the pleazure…You don’t GIVE any of it.  That would hardly make one a princess, would it?

Between the two of them, I got to luxuriate in the attention of big-red…and my man! Do you know how we keep it so seXXXy? Call me for your little piece of the pillow princess pie, Baby!

Will SHE Give U The Gift Of ME?


CUM Home 2 A Surprise!