We’ve all been in love. And some of those times that we were in love, the person didn’t love us back. There were a couple of times that I really liked a guy, was around him for a long time, and then tried to tell him I was falling for him. But, he rejected me. Here’s a little story, that involves unrequited love, me, and a revenge fuck.


I was going through an old high school yearbook the other day. There were pictures of me with the cheer squad, Regina and I selling muffins at the student store, my ex-boyfriends, and of course.. the guy that I, stupidly, fell in love with.

He was GORGEOUS. Jet black hair, ice-blue eyes, big forearms, Cannibal Corpse t-shirt. It brought back memories of when I would walk to my boyfriend’s house and go visit the guy I was in love with, just around the corner. I told him that I liked him a few months after hanging out because I thought he felt the same. He tried to kiss me and touched my tits on multiple occasions.

But, the guy told me that he had a crush on Regina. Which sucked a lot. My heart was ripped out of my chest but when I saw his picture in the yearbook, I felt my stomach do a flip and my heart skipped a beat. I thought about all the times I could have given him a blow job.. or any of the times we were alone and could have fucked. But, I wanted to find him again. So, I found a friend who had his number and I texted him.

After a while, I asked him to hang out. So, he came over with a bottle of Moscato and we talked forever. My body filled with a rage that I had never felt before. And I couldn’t hold back and blurted out, “You are an ASSHOLE!” It’s almost like.. my 16-year-old self needed to tell him off. “You strung me along and made me think that you liked me. Why did you do that to me?! WHY? I still can’t look at you and feel okay. I want to punch you in the fucking face.. but at the same time I want to fuck you.”

He sat there, stunned. And I slapped him across the face and jumped on top of him. He tried to fight me but couldn’t resist me. I ripped his shirt off, and then his jeans. He was struggling to get me off of him but kept letting me kiss him. I pulled his jeans off completely and started sucking his cock. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock deeper into my throat.

I was thinking about all the shit that I went through, I was finally fucking him but.. I still wanted revenge. I thought about the restraints under my mattress.. and the strap on in my top drawer… and started to restrain him.. one limb at a time.

More to cum in part 2 of my revenge fuck story!
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