Unmasking What I Can’t Conceal: My Mask Fetish

The year 1650, the setting a masquerade ball in rainy London. Or as was the theme of our party, anyway. As I stepped through the marble archway, the world in front of me transformed into one of antique furnishings and ball-gowns. I sliced through the crowd, finding it somewhat hard to contain myself.  I had a mask fetish. All around me were individuals with their identities concealed by masks of various styles and colors.

That was when he caught my attention. His strong scent danced into my nostrils, and as I turned to face him, I just knew. He was like me – there purely to satisfy his interest in masks. I glanced down to see that his package had already formed a bulge in the material of his trousers. I bit my lip seductively as I returned my focus to the beauty of the mask.

No words needed to be exchanged between the two of us.

We both knew exactly what the other wanted. What we started to do next was dangerous and daring, but our masks hid my identity so I felt somewhat safe. We began to dance together, and I made a special effort to brush my ass cheeks against his cock as our actions were hidden by the thick wall of people surrounding us.

He then began to exceed even my level of dare, and adrenaline began to pump through my body at the fear and excitement as his hand unbuttoned the bottom of my dress, forming a hole that was just large enough to slide his hand into its silky lining. As his finger began to slip into my moist slit, I let my ass grind against him heavily. We both daringly fulfilled our mask fetish.

My brow began to leak a bead of sweat as the packed, masked crowd around us radiated heat, and in my case, lust at my most prominent fetish. At one point, I had to mask one of my rapturous moans and disguise it as a yawn as the man tickled my clit, and my knees began to tremble weakly. I had no clue how I could possibly hide what would undoubtedly be a wild orgasm, but for now, I reveled at the moment, with the outline of his cock pressed firmly between my ass cheeks as he laid his spare hand on my waist to guide the thrusts of my hips.

As he urgently removed his hand from my pussy and gripped my waist tightly.

I knew that he was cumming. Feeling nothing but satisfaction as he breathed heavily down the skin of my neck. I pushed his wrist back downwards, allowing him to tickle my cunt until I reached a climax of my own. My body swept back and forth uncontrollably as I succumbed to the orgasm. The crowd around us was too busy to pay any attention to our antics.

As a feeling of fulfillment flooded through my body, he eventually withdrew his hand from my dress. I turned to face him, biting my lips as I glanced at his now cum-soaked trousers.


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