Polyamorous sex world

Being in a Polyamorous sex lifestyle bring many fun yet exciting adventures. I was introduced by some friends. Well a group of them. Steve, Deanna, and Mike all showed me the way. Deanna and Mike were a married couple who loved playing with others. Steve was single but also loved playing with married couples. This lifestyle was very interesting to me. As I was single and loved sex.  I later found out I was a Unicorn. Which means A single lady who liked to play with couples.

The night it all started for me

Deanna and I had become fast friends. Knowing we were both bi and have every attention on playing with each other. I arrived at her house and we started to get ready to head to the swingers club. This would be the first time I’ve ever been to one. She had all kinds of sexy dresses she let me borrow. By the time I was ready I had this pink skin tight see-through dress on showing off my sexy 34 E’s off and my tight little ass.

The Club

Mike drove us to sexy ladies to the club. As we walked in the door all eyes were on us. I’m not sure if they were looking at us as fresh meat or Mike walking n with two sexy ladies. Either way, we were getting the attention both Deanna and I were dressed for. That night Deanna and I danced and tease Mike all night long. His cock was rock Hard. I knew by the end of the night I would have my face buried in Deanna’s Little cunt and have Mikes hard cock pounding me. However, there was another guy hanging around us to Steve. He was a good looking guy. I wasn’t complaining.

The Room

The club was made to look like any bar. A dance floor, tables where you can drink, a pool table and a bar. It was BYOB (Bring your own Beer) but they did serve it to you. Deanna grab my hand and led me up the stairs. Up here there were different rooms. Each room had different themes. However, she led me into one with just a bed in the middle of the room.  We climb on it and started kissing and licking each other. I just had enough alcohol in me to not care who or what was around us.


Becoming a Unicorn

Ripping off each other shirts we go from kissing and licking. Having Deanna laying back and me dining on her wet cunt. She tasted magical and I couldn’t help sliding fingers inside her to get more of that sweet juice. As I was buried into her sweet pussy I felt Mike come up behind me and Slide his hard cock into me. While Steve slid his cock into Deanna’s mouth. The four of us took turns on each other for the rest of the night.

Want to hear more about that night or the many more we all had. Call me at the Phone sex Kingdom and I’ll be happy to share more of the details.

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