Dear Diary: I Got Caught Being The Pastor’s Unfaithful Wife

I know I’ve been a naughty unfaithful wife, but the thought of getting caught sometimes scares me. Last night I had the craziest! I had a dream that my sweet husband has known the whole time how much of an unfaithful wife I’ve been. So the dream started with me taking my husband to the airport.I took him there because it was his weekend to run the couples retreat of course.

Anyway, when I returned home I was startled by a man dressed in all black. Not only was this man in my living room and I had no idea how he got there, but he had a fuckin pistol in my face. Needless to say, running and, or screaming was just not an option. The man addressed himself only as sir and made it clear I was to address him as such.

Being the good obedient unfaithful wife that I am, I naturally followed his instructions.

He told me that I had two options and that he was an associate of my husbands. At first, I was confused, until he picked up the remote control and hit play. When I looked on the screen, I realized that I had been caught. Image after the sexually explicit image appeared on my screen. Sir made it crystal clear to me that my husband was the one who caught me. He also made it crystal clear that my husband hired him to, “take care of me” as Sir put it.

What did that mean exactly? Sir said that because I was such a shitty unfaithful wife that my choices were simple. Option A: Take the bullet or Option B: Sign annulment papers, leave and never return. Of course, I didn’t want to die, I mean I never thought it would ever come down to this. My husband is a pastor for fuck sakes. I certainly didn’t want to go like this, exposed and humiliated. I asked Sir what the terms were for option B.

He very calmly stated that I’d first have to make my choice, then I’d get the details.

After I chose option B, Sir with his pistol in hand ordered me to sign annulment papers and to immediately get undressed. He said that as part of my new life, I’d have to change everything about my self and prepare for the new job he lined up for me. A bit confused, I asked him what he meant and that’s when he ordered me to my knees. He said that it was time to start my interview, but before I could ask any more questions he shoved his hard cock deep inside of my mouth. He shoved it in there so hard, I immediately gagged.

Sir grabbed me by my hair and violently fucked my pretty little face. He forced me to take in every inch of him. Once he had his way with my mouth, he forced his way into my asshole. He fucked me until I couldn’t possibly take it anymore. Finally, he pushed me back onto the floor and took my sweet pussy.

He never said a word, he just fucked my holes like they were his last.

The moment Sir finished blowing his wad deep inside of me, he stood up and said, “Well you got the position.” Still a little confused, I asked him what exactly he meant. He said, “You’re going to be doing what an unfaithful wife like you should have been doing all along.” He paused, grabbed me by my face and continued with, “You’re going to be my personal whore and you’re going to make me lots of money!”

Without a second thought, Sir gripped me up and took me to a truck that was waiting outside. That was when my new life as a whore began and my old life as an unfaithful wife ended. Soon after that I woke up and realized it was all a dream. Just thinking about it now sends chills down my spine. I wonder if my sweet husband would ever take it that far and enjoy thinking about his wife in that way. Who knows I guess, it sure isn’t enough to stop me from being the dirty harlot I was meant to be. Call me darling and I will show you how dirty I can be!

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