Undying Submissive Loyalty: The day he professed His Love for his Mistress. This day would be a day he would never forget.  It would be the beginning of his Undying Submissive Loyalty to Mistress Raven. His Mistress – Goddess and Wife!  He was NOT marrying her.  He was marrying me!  The ring would signify his undying love for being a sissy faggot cock sucker for his Mistress.  This day would signify his end all be all. Forever he would be committed to his one and only Mistress Raven.  Rich’s Undying Submissive Loyalty would be his destiny and contract of marriage to His Beautiful Mistress to be a Sissy Faggot Cock Sucker for life.

He knew deep down inside he was a sissy faggot cock sucker.  Rich recalls the day he professed himself to me as if it was just yesterday.  Remember back to a few years ago to the very first day I called Raven. I heard her sexy voice and I knew then and there it was all over for me.  I was weak in the knees as well as ready and willing to do anything she said.

For years I always had fantasies of dominant women degrading me.  Who would have thought my whole life would change with just one phone call to Mistress Raven. There was nothing I could do.  Day after day I tried and tried to stay away from Raven but I always come crawling back admitting what I truly am. “I, Rich am a Sissy Faggot Cock Sucker” Raven would make me say it loud and proud over and over.

“I, Rich am a Sissy Faggot Cock Sucker for Life”

At first, I thought it was just the force of a dominant woman commanding me to do degrading acts.  It all started with things like watching gay porn, humiliating myself or just admitting that I wanted to suck a dick. Pretty soon I was the one begging for more.  I wanted to suck dick as well as be spit-roasted and have both my holes destroyed. I had no idea the control that Mistress Raven had over me.  Within minutes I was not only admitting to being bi-curious but also being a full-blown gay sissy faggot, hiding in my own skin.

This would be the day my Undying Submissive Loyalty would ring round the world

It was my Wedding Day – I recently tied the knot with a female but on that day when I said my vows I was truly saying them to Goddess Raven. It was clear as day – Do you accept Raven to continue to be your Goddess and own you for the rest of your life?   I do
I knew what needed to be done. Do you agree to be a closet cock sucker and send Raven pictures and evidence?   I do
Do you understand that Mistress Raven can blackmail you at any time since you have given her compromising details?   I do

My ring signifies a cock ring and will forever signify my cock loving behavior.
I know Raven will always own me and this blog is signifying that. I am Mistress Raven’s cock sucker. My body and my money are hers.

She has given me the best gift of all. I know who I truly am. I am a gay cock-sucker who wants a big black dick in my mouth and ass. Mistress Raven has given me the courage to admit it. Loud and proud – “I am a Nigger loving cock sucking sissy faggot til the end of time.”

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