Undoing Mommy’s Bra!

I was laying in bed a few hours ago – just taking a rest from my long night of fun last night – and my sweet son Bobby came in to lay with me.  I was all curled up in my plush robe fresh from my shower tucked in between my warm covers. When I felt him come up behind me.  I had a pink bra and panty set on under my robe because I had actually intended on getting dressed after my shower.  That didn’t end up happening

Bobby curled up behind me like he used to do when he was barely a teenager.  Only now, my voluptuous frame fits inside of his growing man frame.  Even now that he is 21, he still gets hard at the slightest touch of my body against his.  I could feel him outside of my robe – growing – as he wrapped his long arms around me.

He reached for the shoulders of my robe and slid it back off of me, showing him the small of his sweet mother’s back side. His breath almost panting on my neck.  He slid his masculine hand over my tummy and up to my breasts – feeling my heart race underneath his hand – he slipped it under my bra.

I always love his hands on my breasts.

As he was growing up, his hands could cup and squeeze them perfectly.  He slid down my bra straps from behind and backed slightly away from my body – Pressing one hand on my hip and the other up the small of my back – he was about to do the one thing that always sent chills up my spine.

Undoing Mommy’s bra!

I can remember the first time he tried – one-handed – it took forever – but he was determined – He was just 9 that first time, but every single time he has done it since, I remember that first time.  His hands trembling- his breathing heavy.  And tonight was no different.  His hands still tremble – his breath still heavy.  With his young cock pressed behind, I can start to feel him twitching and aching for me.  I always want to help him – get him what he wants faster – be he is always so determined to do it on his own.

When you’re a good mommy, like I am – it is always the simple pleasures that delight you!  The little things that make BIG things!  Oh and this always makes my boy BIG!  I just love creating the first time and then recreating them every time.  I love the chills we give each other recounting all the fun and firsts that we have had together.

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