I’m the sweet, innocent niece that you’ve always wanted to touch. The one who holds on just a little tighter than usual for those good hugs that only an uncle could give. You’ve watched me since I was younger and you’ve always wanted to show me just how much you love me. You see the way I have matured and you can’t believe how beautiful I have become. I sort of remind you of how beautiful my mom (you sister) was at this age.

You used to stroke your cock at her door while you listened to her get her pussy fucked by your dad. She was so sweet and innocent. It was something about the way she wrapped her legs around your dads back as he pounded her harder and harder that made you want to be inside of her too. You were obsessed with her. Smelling her panties when she was in the shower. Put your cock next to her face in pictures and jerking off until you came all over her smiling mouth. You would have done anything just like the tip of her sweet clit.

You knew that she would never let you have her because she was your Daddy’s girl. So when she had me, a perfect little angel, you knew it was your turn to be just like your Dad. Your cock automatically gets hard when you see me walk into a room. You have to hide yourself when you see me at family gatherings don’t you? What are you going to do when my mom brings me over to your house to spend the night because her and my Dad want to have time to themselves on Valentine’s Day?

Will you be able to control the urge to slip a hand down my shorts as I sleep in your guest room? Touching my soft, wet pussy. Don’t you want to know how it feels in between my smooth, beautiful legs? Will I take your dick easily into my virgin young pussy or will you have to force your way in? I can’t wait to find out Uncle. Will you teach me how to be the perfect little Valentine?



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