My Uncle Taught Me A Lesson.

Uncle taught me a lesson I will never forget for being a little bratty cunt. It all started with my boyfriend. Him and I were looking to spice up our vanilla sex with a little role-playing. Now I had been thinking for a long time about being tied up and forced but I never really did tell him, until now. It was the perfect time to do it since I knew he would be open to it. We had a plan, he was going to tie me up and make me beg for his cock. Obviously I was going to pretend I didn’t want it.

The time came, we were both really nervous and eager to try it out. Everything was going so fucking hot, he tied me up and I was on my knees. That is when he had his big cock inside my mouth. As he was face fucking me, someone came in my room. My uncle started yelling at my boyfriend and kicked him out. As I was still on my knees with my arms tied back he started telling me how much of a little whore I was and that is when the fun really started.

My uncle pulled out his cock as he continued to call me names. He started bringing up how big of a brat I was and that now he knew I was a slut too he had to teach me a lesson. He started jerking off his cock right on my face. It turned me on a lot just how he took charge of the situation and before I knew it I was begging for his dick in any of my fuckholes. He never gave it to me. He finished on my face. I felt his warm creamy load running down my cheeks.

After my uncle blew his load on my pretty little face. He left me there. I saw covered in cum till I finally loosen up the knots and could take a shower.

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