My Uncle Tasi is a very handsome man.  Tall dark and fucking GORGEOUS!  His girlfriend is pretty hot too.  Blonde hair, ditzy, easy….yeah you know the drill.  One night I had to spend the night at his house so my parents could go out-of-town.   I had a slight crush on him.  I knew it was a little weird because of incest and all  but come on if you saw him. Your dick would get hard trust me.

While at his house I woke up to some loud banging against the wall.  Then I heard some loud squealing.  I head down stairs to see what is going on.  My Uncle Tasi was banging his girlfriend so hard over the back of the couch that her head was bouncing off the wall.  I watched him grab her by her throat and let her face turn almost purple.  I was totally turned on at this point.  No stopping my wandering fingers this time.  If he saw so what.  I wanted him to fuck me like that.

I kept watching him toss her around like a rag doll.  Pulling his cock out and jamming it down her throat.  I wanted something inside me, not just my fingers.  I looked at the end stand next to me and it had this glass sculpture looking thing on it.  It was the perfect length and size to violate myself with.

I watched, and I flicked myself.  I gawked and came so hard so many times.  The hardest time though was when he pulled his HUGE fat dick out of her badly beaten pussy and jammed it with one hard thrust straight into her butthole.  OMG!  My eyes grew big, my face lit up and my pussy went just a throbbing.   He was making her scream out “GREEK ME PAPI, GREEK ME PAPI” over and over again.

I creamed one final hard mesmerizing time right there in the stair way, glass fixture shoved up my twat and all.  I looked down at them as he was cumming, only thing is he was looking right at me.  I have no idea how long he was watching me or how long he knew I was there.  But, all I could do was wipe my fingers across my drenched pussy, lick them off and mouthed the words…”Greek me instead Uncle Tasi.”

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