Uncle John Seduced Me While Mom & Dad Were Away

My parents had left for a cruise late last night, and Uncle John was going to be staying with me until they got back next week. I was just waking up from some naughty dream that had made me crazy horny. I wish I could remember what it was….

I walked down the stairs to see John in the kitchen making pancakes. This was a nice way to start a Saturday, I thought. Uncle John looked at me as I wandered into the kitchen wearing my pajamas. His eyes widened a bit as he looked me up and down.

Uncle likes my PJ's

I could see the bulge starting in his pajama pants.

Uncle John had always looked at me a bit differently, ever since my small breasts had developed, and I enjoyed the attention, so I would tease him often, just to see him get flustered and try to cover the bulge in his pants. I liked his bulge, though, it seemed huge, and I always wondered how big his cock is.

We finished eating breakfast and I stood up to do the dishes. Suddenly he smacked my ass. I stifled a moan and squealed.

“You didn’t thank me for breakfast young lady,” he said, grabbing my arm as I sat the dishes down and pulling me to face him. “You’re such a bad girl, I think I’m going to have to spank you,” He said, his voice a little lower than usual.

“But…But…” I stuttered, not knowing what to say. He pulled out a kitchen chair and plopped down, pulling me over his lap before I knew what was going on. Suddenly I felt him smack my ass, hard. I yelped, but then he started slowly rubbing his hand over the place that he just smacked, and I found myself trying not to moan. He smacked me again and repeated the process a few more times. I didn’t understand why, but I felt my panties getting damp, and apparently he noticed because the next thing I know I felt his hand between my legs, running his fingers over my now hot damp pussy lips through my panties.

“You naughty girl! You’re enjoying this!” He said, yanking my panties down my ass…

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