My Uncle John Fucks Me…

“You naughty girl! You’re enjoying this!” Uncle John said, yanking my panties down my ass and roughly sliding his fingers up and down my sopping wet slit.

“Uncle John…this isn’t a good idea…this isn’t appropriate…” I said through a moan.
“I won’t tell them…will you?” He said as he slid one of his big long fingers into my tight little pussy.


Uncle John fucks me

“But nothing…shhh,” He said as he started sliding his finger in and out of me, picking up pace as I moaned loudly.

Suddenly he slid his finger out of me, stood me up, stood up and then scooped me into his arms, carrying me to my parent’s bedroom and plopping me down on the bed.

“John this is wrong…You’re my uncle…We can’t be doing this, let alone on my parent’s bed.” He didn’t seem to hear me, because he slid his pajama pants down his legs along with his boxers, pulling out his HUGE cock. I could feel myself getting wetter just looking at it.

“Come suck my cock Summer,” he told me, and that was all it took.

I crawled across the bed to him and started licking the head of his cock, making him moan. I sucked the head of his hard cock into my mouth, sucking it gently. He growled and pushed me onto my back, before crawling between my legs and sliding his huge cock into my tight wet pussy, making me moan loudly. He was stretching and filling me and I was so wet he slid into me easily. Pumped in and out of me, and I clawed at the bedspread and I got closer and closer to my inevitable orgasm. I arched my back and came hard on my Uncle John’s hard cock. Just as my already tight pussy clenched around his cock as I came, he came inside me. He filled me with his hot sperm.

I scooched over on the bed and he came up next to me. He held me close as I closed my eyes to take a nap.

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