Uncle-Niece Incest Sex Smack-down- Uncle Charles Part II

Uncle-niece incest sex with Uncle Charles was good! Uncle Charles was good for showering me with gifts and having threesomes with his girlfriend and me. The first time, he made me watch; then busted all on my face. The second time, he had his girl eat me out while he did her doggy-style.  I wanted him all to myself! The cattier I got with his girlfriend the more he made her serve me. This went on for a year, and finally, he left her alone, and boy was I in for a treat!

By now, I’m almost matured, and still pawning after Uncle Charles. He still wouldn’t give me that BBC! I was about to throw a fit. Then one evening after a car show, he grabbed my hair and threw me against the garage wall, ripped my shorts, and took me! Oh yes! I finally got a piece of Uncle Charles! Who knew, a little uncle-niece incest sex was so passionate?

That night he was in a rage!

Not only did he throw me against the wall, but he slapped me around too. At first, I thought it was fun. I laughed, giggled, pounced on him, and screamed: “OH YEAH!” I edged him on, and on! He called me every name but a child of God! Whooping me with his belt, but I didn’t run. I didn’t whimper, nor cry, I was a big girl! I could take it!

He grabbed my hair and led me to his office as if I was a disobedient horse. Then threw me in a chair and flopped a stack of papers out before me. He demanded that I read them and understand. It was a stack of unrealistic citations. Uncle Charles’s shop had always been up to code and impeccable. To my knowledge, he was an upright guy that just liked to fuck a bit too much for his own good. Then he tells me, we need to raise the pussy price. I wasn’t to give any man nor boy any sex unless he could afford me. No more fucking just because I like it and couldn’t get enough. Uncle Charles told me, that if he heard of me having sex anymore with any low life, good for nothing chump that doesn’t feed into my purpose or serve our family that I was going to be cut off and left to fend for myself.

I started crying

The tears just wouldn’t stop. Uncle Charles had never raised a hand to me before. Uncle Charles had always defended me and spoken so calmly and logically to me. He was angry with me, and the mere idea of ever disappointing him made me cry uncontrollably. He blamed me for being too loose and that my boy toys were playing with his money. I couldn’t do anything about that, but apologize. I got on my knees and begged for forgiveness. He comes over and cups my chin in his hand, smiles at me and smacks me with his BBC!

I immediately start kissing it and thanking him. He smacks me with the back of his hand, and shouts: “Don’t play with it! You not gone play with my money and my dick!” Grabs the back of my head and forces his BBC to the back of my throat. “Oh, this is what you wanted, ain’t it!” I gagged and could barely breathe. He pumps the back of my throat with a fierceness, and to my delight, it made me cum so hard. I had never cummed without being penetrated or eaten before. I stopped crying and let the phlegm from my throat coat that cock and sucked it all up. 20-minutes later, he was still going strong, and I was up for the challenge.

He came all in my throat.

I gurgled and choked on it, yet his erection never wavered. It was as if the more I choked, the stiffer he got! He pushed on my forehead like a minister at alter-call. I flung back in the chair in amazement. He grabbed my ankles and slid my ripped shorts and panties down my legs. Cupping the base of my butt, he lifts me to him and slides his huge veiny cock into my sweet teen pussy. He pounds me so hard; I cannot lift my head. So, I just leaned into a backbend and held on to the chair behind me for dear life. This ride was bumpy and made every hair on my body stand up at attention. I could feel my pussy juices bubbling and rolling down his balls as they filled and swelled with his second load of cum. I screamed and panted like a crazy person. All I could say was that I’d be a good girl. The more I whimpered, the tighter my pussy clenched around his cock. Oh, uncle-niece incest sex was a banger!

Uncle Charles fusses: “Are you a good girl? Or some naughty trashy bitch? You have been so bad, I had to give you the business. Prancing around here acting all helpless. If you gone be a tramp, flop on this dick!” Then he came, and I came, we came together. When I returned from showering, he had a suitcase full of pretty dresses for me, and a plane ticket. Uncle Charles asked: “Are you ready for a little family incest fun?” I replied, “oh yes, I’m here for a little uncle-niece incest sex!”

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