Uncle’s Girl and Sweet Teen Pussy

I think its safe to say we all had that one uncle that we would have naughty fantasies about.  Well my Uncle Dan was that uncle.  He was so hot, fun, and always had a gang of hot friends around.  I always made it a point to throw on something sexy and show off on poker nights.  Who middle men wouldn’t love some teenage eye candy?  I knew how to make them all drool!

It was a usual Friday night.  My parents were out on their date night and I headed over to my Uncle’s house.  Friday night was poker night and I new the drill.  I put on a tight t-shirt, no bra, and my favorite little short shorts.  It was something that wasn’t obvious I wanted to fuck them, but it defiantly made them take notice.    I would bring them their beers and help light their cigars, playing the party of their own personal waitress.  I loved the attention.

It was my Uncle Dan’s birthday and the guys were getting particularly wild.

 Shots were flowing, the music was loud,  and everyone was getting pretty loosened up.  Loose enough, in fact, to bring up the fact that they had a sexy teen girl dancing in the corner.   One of the guys pulled out a wad of cash and asked me to put on a show for them.  I looked at my uncle who was in not shape to protest and began to strip.

My shirt came off, then my short… I was dancing in front of all these grown men in nothing but my panties.  They were drooling, cat-calling, and begging me to sit of their laps.  As I began to grind on them, I could feel their hard cocks pressing up against me.  My panties were getting so wet, it was obvious as that triangle of pussy juice soaked through.  They couldn’t help but a feel and soon my panties were off all together.

I would love to tell you how the rest of the night went, but I’ll save that for when we talk!

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