Mommy and Son Become Inseparable in This Unbirthing Fantasy Sex Story

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought it would be apropos to remember what Mom went through delivering you.  In fact, I think you should experience it again… only in reverse!  Welcome to my Vore fantasy story. More specifically, my unbirthing fantasy sex story was made to bring mother and son closer than they ever thought possible.

Time to experience the Unbirthing process and return to Mommy’s womb…

You wake and find yourself laying between her legs, bare as the day you were born – bare once again for the day you will be unborn.  Your head is still in a hazy fog as you slowly are returned to consciousness, altered as it may be.  Obscure memories fade in and out as you remember having a quiet dinner at her home (she insisted on cooking for you, even though it was in celebration of Mother’s Day).

You see, you and your Mother have always had a “close” relationship. You can’t help but smile at those wicked little thoughts. “Close” is an interesting term for the type of relationship you and the person who had birthed you have. Very close indeed. You both are “close” in the shower together. Are “close” on top of the washing machine. And are VERY “close” on the kitchen table. Oh yes, very, very close. And you plan on getting “close” again in her bed.

You recall her asking you if you loved her and if you appreciated all she had done for you. It seemed like odd questions at the time. But seeing how you had your sights to be inside her before the night’s end, you thought you’d play along. So naturally, you give her the proper “loving son” answers that would grant you passage into her bed. Ones that will lead to you buried deep inside her wet pussy. As you take another long drawl from your wine glass, as if she was just reading your thoughts she says “I know what you want – to be inside me.  I want that too.”

You realize that this unbirthing fantasy sex story is starting to take on an ominous tone

An all-too-knowing smile crosses her face as the room sort of tilts and becomes distorted.  It oddly reminds you of some sort of erotic paranormal seduction scene. Shit, this isn’t good you slur out, at least that’s what you think you say as everything dims into darkness.

As the memories come flooding back like sludge, you try and take stock of your situation. Though you are aware of being awake, you don’t seem to have any control of your muscles or your body – you are not able to move of your own volition, but you are also aware of a strange tingling sensation that travels over your entire form.

You begin to feel another sensation – pressure at first.

Pressure as well as feeling yourself move.  Looking down at your naked body you see her, her legs spread wide and also naked.  But that’s not what sets you into a panic.  You can see that your foot is embedded deep inside her pussy. Confusion sets in – how can that be?

But then you feel yourself being drawn back into her. Of being slowly pulled inside, like a snake slowly swallowing its prey. You can feel the inner walls of the birthing canal squeezing, contracting, and releasing. Those strong inner muscles pull you back to the place where life began.

Then comes the pressure of the vaginal walls closing in around you, compressing your body to conform to the path you are being drawn into. Forcing you further in, her unbirthing canal brings you to the warmth and security of her womb.

The last words you hear before you are totally consumed are her soothing words, “Now we can be together for all times.”  With those damning words, your fate is sealed, the unbirthing process completed, and you are back in Mommy’s womb, once again.


A perfect conclusion to your very own unbirthing fantasy sex story


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